We, the team of the Cluster of Excellence “Centre for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop” (CeTI), hereby declare that we believe in a tolerant and cosmopolitan society.

Our team unites people of different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. This diversity is as inspiring for us as it is necessary for the success of the cluster. We want all our colleagues to feel at home in Saxony for their work as well as for their private lives. We therefore stand up for tolerance and cosmopolitanism. We will not tolerate racism or discrimination. Our employees and partners are expected to treat colleagues respectfully and open-minded. To us, these are given rules of human togetherness. Excellent science depends on a team of the best, it can only thrive within international exchange and close co-operation.

Furthermore, we are convinced that a climate of intolerance will severely damage Saxony as research and business location. We therefore urgently appeal to the political parties to work against such developments and to promote cosmopolitanism and tolerance by all means.

Let us as citizens stand up for this climate! People subjected to racism and intolerance need our solidarity every day: by not looking away, answering back and by standing by their side.